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We are the U!ZAHVATI team

AND we are changing the theater industry..
We take you out of the dusty auditorium and walk you around the city to show new places.
We create a new type of theatrical performance, a theater that goes beyond the auditorium and the routine.
Everything is changing now, and the theater is no exception. We want to take it to a new level, making it modern and a part of your life.
UZAHVATI projects enable you not only to see and hear the play but also to feel and experience it.
This format is called an «immersive performance». It has no boundary between the stage and the auditorium, between actors and audience. We immerse and get immersed in the story to later come up and deeply breathe in new feelings.
The term «immersive performance» means a performance that creates an effect of presence, immersion.
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Here's a more detailed description of each project:


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"Time has passed, but I'm still under the impression! That was swell! It was about true life!"
Psychologist and psychotherapist
" The Time promenade play takes 90 minutes and is worth every bit of it. I won't give giving you a clue as to what happens during Uzahvati and how) All I'm saying is that theater is not only about chairs and a stage."
"Straight fire! I'm impressed. It would be great to have more of such plays."