Gift certificate for a performance-trip «Remote Kyiv»
Good news: an adventure will happen to you very soon. Literally, it has already begun ...
Заявка на покупку подарочного сертификата

Подарите новые переживания!

Подарите встречу с таинственным искусственным интеллектом. Вдруг, ему есть что нам сказать о жизни?

What's the benefit of a certificate?
The promenade play is always open-dated. You can use the certificate on any day when the performance is staged by giving us at least 24 hours' notice. Besides, the certificate holder is guaranteed a "seat", even if tickets have already sold out for that date.

About the play

You are welcome to have a new different look at your Kyiv.
Say, to see it with the eyes of the world most unusual non-standard theatre projects designers Rimini Protokoll while listening to synthetic performance's voice Remote Kyiv.

Don't be afraid, this is what people did in Paris, Kowloon (Hong Kong), Berlin, Milan, London, and other tens of world capitals.
So we believe the experience of the folks from Rimini Protokoll and now we trusted them our dearest and nearest – our Kyiv.

The plan is simple: you have the headphones and you are ready to follow us. We have a new route, new voice and new important ideas we have to convey.
Take your trainers in the hall, get your tickets here, and meet us at the Zvirynetske Cemetery (nothing scaring, but just a beautiful spot).

We'll perform in Ukrainian. As requested in English and French.

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Подарочный сертификат
Спектакль-путешествие «Remote Kyiv»
OK, how can I pay for the certificate?
You can pay for the gift certificate in cash when you meet our manager in Kyiv or directly on the website by clicking Buy online. You will be redirected to LiqPay to complete the payment.
How can I get the certificate?
You can get the certificate electronically or arrange for its hand-delivery. To discuss other delivery options, please call us on 38 (050) 041 46 79.
We always start the performances in time, so do not be late. You'd better come 15 minutes before time than to be late and stay behind «the closed door». The play starts in one place and ends in a different one. So you'd better arrive in taxi or on foot.
Moreover, as practice shows, you would like to have a glass of champagne at the end of your travel. To have it don't come by your car. And please mind to put on strong walking shoes as it's more convenient to walk in comfortable ones.
Meeting place
21 Verkhnya Street, the Zvirynetske Cemetery (near the entrance).

If you have any questions on administrative matters and corporate events, call us on:
+38 (050) 041 46 79