When readers leave the walls of the old library, it will open its doors to spectators.

In a place that conserves life, time, truths and ideas, we'll rip old covers off the books of our own stories and talk to our souls in the language of art.

This game has some rules. You have to arrive 15 minutes in advance. Turn over your mobile phone, get the headphones, and understand that all events within the next hour are not guaranteed to be real. They may as well be a figment of the conversation in your head...

Come and stay quiet...


Millions of words keep silent on the bookshelves.

They would like to talk but it's against the rules here, it should be quiet in the library.

Today we'll talk in a place where any dialog is usually doomed.

Feelings will whisper, shout, and overflow. There will be dialogs on stairways, shelves, in soundless halls, and in your head...
A play without wings and limitations.

Instead of taking you by the hand, the story is at your heels. There are only 20 strangers to talk to themselves and hear the important things in silence.


Polina Baranychenko
Ildar Tahirov
Central character
Pavlo Aldoshyn
Central character
Petro Mysak
Central character
  • Artistic Director — Mariia Khomiakova
  • Costume Designer — Lesia Patoka
  • Playwright — Tamriko Sholi
  • Scenario — Yurii Solonets
  • Lighting Designer — Yevhenii Kopylov
  • Choreographer — Khrystyna Shyshkareva
  • Video Artist — Svitlana Renysh
  • Composer, Sound Design — Dmytro Saratskyi
  • Sound Designer — Sviatoslav Varchuk
  • Design — Tetiana Voinalovych
  • Assistant Director — Anna Leshchenko
  • Project Manager, Kyiv — Olena Motovylova
  • Project Manager, Odesa — Yevheniia Khrystiuk
  • Technical Director — Viktor Konkevych
  • PR Support — Anna Zavalska, Yuliia Birzul
  • SMM Support — Anton Dyshlevyi, Daria Sokil
Выберите Ваш город
of your time
What does it look like
What is happening here is just your imagination…


I want this play in my city
If you have a suitable venue and want to stage the DIALOGY play in your city, fill in the contact form and our manager will get back to you.
I consent to the processing of my personal data.
We always start on time, so don't be late.
If you don't want to face the closed door in despair, come 15 minutes before the start of the play!
Photography and video recording are prohibited. This can mar your impressions of the new experience.

No mobile phones are allowed in our library. You may not talk loudly here. We try to keep silent because this way you are more likely to hear yourself. You are also not advised to take off the headphones as you won't be able to hear the dialogs.
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If you have questions on administrative matters and corporate events, call: +38 (050) 041 46 79