Memo for participation in the Performance-promenade "Time"

Tilda Publishing
Hello, this is the Time

It seems you have an interesting meet-up planned for today. Here's a couple of tips that will help you get a kick out of the play.

Please try to arrive at the venue in advance. If you are still away at the start of the play, sorry — we'll have to leave you behind. It's all about time.

This time, you're in for a theater without a stage, which means no auditorium and chairs. So be prepared for a long hike — choose comfortable shoes without high heels.

Any mood will do, just try not to alter it with alcohol or other substances — it will be a show of a very different nature that we don't offer.

If your close ones and colleagues can't live without you, tell them in advance that you'll be out of reach for about 90 minutes. We ask you to turn off or mute the mobile phone not to distract others from the play. Also, a working gadget can interfere with the headphones.

You won't need a bag :) Try to take along as little baggage as possible to make the hike around the city light — what you'll need during the play will be issued at the start and collected at the finish.

Time only has one voice — in the headphones. Try not to argue with it, shout it down, or discuss not to ruin the atmosphere of the play.