Private Tour

A tailor-made promenade play
for your company
Wow! Please tell me more about the organization of a custom Time show for my company :)
I consent to the processing of my personal data.
It's simple: a group of up to 35 and a 90-minute immersion in the urban environment, the story of the play, and your thoughts.
This is your and your close ones' personal "Time". It's only your group and a guide, without others to listen and watch. Pick a date and time to exclusively enjoy the whole 90 minutes of the play!
This is a unique way to celebrate your birthday, hold an office party, or simply get together with your friends and create yet another memory that will long be with you.
What do you get for the price of a Private Tour
  • technical and administrative support
  • non-carbonated water for all participants for the trip
  • raincoats in case it rains
  • photographer along the route

What makes the custom promenade play so special?

  • you pick a date and time convenient for you
  • no strangers in the group
  • the format is suitable for celebrating a birthday or holding a team building event
  • an out-of-the-ordinary way to spend your leisure time
For more information, call: +38 (050) 041 46 79
OK, what is the custom group size?
Well, it can be one person, but what's the fun then? :) For a Private Tour promenade play, we recommend groups of 10 to 35 people. A larger group may lack our attention. But we can always lead two groups at a time.
What date and time can we book a corporate Private Tour promenade play for?
We can book virtually any date and time during the period of our performances. For a more specific answer, call +38 (050) 041 46 79, and we'll choose the option most convenient for you!
I want to give my company a surprise of an unusual play. Tell me more about it.
I consent to the processing of my personal data.


TIME Promenade Play

Time is a new-type play. You won't have a chance to sit out in the chair or queue up at the buffet line. However, you will have a chance to have a fresh look at the theater, Kyiv, and yourself.

The format of an immersive promenade play means intense involvement in the process. With no barriers between them, the spectator and the stage become one whole. Events are unfolding right here and now, with chance passers-by becoming the actors and your dear city the stage.

All you need is to turn up at the right place and time, put on the headphones, and trust the voice within. Then, you can hear yourself, Time, and the city.

The play is staged in Russian and English.

Project team:
Director and playwright — Polina Baranychenko.
Assistant Director — Anna Leshchenko.
Composer — Dmytro Saratskyi.
Musical theme of the play — Serhii Babkin.
Administrator — Olena Motovylova.
Voice-over — Pavlo Aldoshyn.


A Ukrainian company that creates innovative theatrical entertainment projects for various audiences.
We always start on time, so don't be late. The play starts in one place and ends in another, so you'd better come by taxi or on foot. Our promenade play starts only an 8-minute walk from Poshtova Ploshcha metro station.
Experience suggests that you might like a glass of sparkling wine at the end of the walk. Don't deny yourself this treat by coming by car. And remember to wear comfortable shoes.
It's always best to avoid high heels and put on comfortable walking footwear.

Footbridge across the Dnipro River

If you have questions on administrative matters and corporate events, call: +38 (050) 041 46 79