A corporate promenade play
for your company
Please tell me more about the organization of a corporate DIALOGY show for my company :)
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What does it look like? A group of up to 20 take a 60-minute fascinating tour of the world of your conscious. Everything that happens around you may turn out to be a mere figment of your imagination...
It's only your group, without others to listen and watch. Pick a date and time to exclusively enjoy the whole 60-minutes of the play!
This is a unique way to celebrate your birthday, hold an office party, or simply get together with your friends and create yet another memory that will long be with you.
What do you get for the price of a corporate play
  • technical and administrative support
  • a unique performance by our theater's actors
  • immersion in the world of vivid emotions and experiences
  • photographer's services

What makes the custom play so special?

  • you pick a date and time convenient for you
  • no strangers in the group
  • the format is suitable for celebrating a birthday or holding a team building event
  • an out-of-the-ordinary way to spend your leisure time
For more information, cal: +38 (050) 041 46 79
What is the appropriate group size?
Surely it may be only one person but in that case it won't be so exciting :) We recommend to form groups from 10 to 20 persons. We can't arrange such event for more than 20 people. But we can always organize two groups at the same time!
What date and time can we book a corporate DIALOGY play for?
We can practically fix any date and time for you during the period we carry out our performances. For more information, call us at +38 (050) 041 46 79, and we will choose the most convenient option for you!
I want to give my company a surprise of an unusual show. Tell me more about it.
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Millions of words keep silent on the bookshelves.

They would like to talk but it's against the rules here, it should be quiet in the library.

Today we'll talk in a place where any dialog is usually doomed.

Feelings will whisper, should, and overflow. There will be dialogs on stairways and shelves, in soundless halls, and in your head...
A play without wings and limitations.

Instead of taking you by the hand, the story is at the heels of 20 strangers only.

To talk to themselves and hear the important things in silence.
A Ukrainian company that creates innovative theatrical entertainment projects for various audiences.
I want this play in my city
If you have a suitable venue and want to stage the DIALOGY play in your city, fill in the contact form and our manager will get back to you.
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We always start on time, so don't be late.
If you don't want to face the closed door in despair, come 15 minutes before the start of the play!
Photography and video recording are prohibited. This can mar your impressions of the new experience.
No mobile phones are allowed in our library. You may not talk loudly here. We try to keep silent because this way you are more likely to hear yourself. You are also not advised to take off the headphones as you won't be able to hear the dialogs.
Yaroslav Mudryi National Library of Ukraine
1 Mykhaila Hrushevskoho Street, Kyiv

If you have questions on administrative matters and corporate events, call: +38 (050) 041 46 79
Odesa National Scientific Library
13 Pastera Street, Odesa

If you have questions on administrative matters and corporate events, call: +38 (050) 041 46 79